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About me

My name is Tatiana Zlydennaya and I am a certified nutritionist.​ My dietary approach is built around low carb high fat (LCHF) including ketogenic diet. 

My journey to health, first personal, started 3 years ago.  Back then I was eating a clean vegetarian diet but felt worse and worse despite stressless life in a Tropical Paradise. So to help myself I started to dig deep into nutrition and physiology. After 6 months of thorough study from anthropology to phytochemicals I made my choice: Overnight I jumped into an animal-based ketogenic diet. After 3 weeks I felt better: my digestive issues were gone, my energy level and my mood improved, later even my eyesight, hair, skin became better. I felt healthy again and eager to share my findings with others. First with friends and family and after I got certified with many people like you.


That's my contribution to a better world - help people to have more energy for everything they love doing. If you'd like to know my personal story in more details please watch the video below. 

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For every client I create an individual nutrition plan based on the diet history, goals and current conditions. For some people an hour consultation with detailed recommendations that I sent after is enough. Others need daily support with meal planning and motivation. If you are not sure what's your case just contact me and we will decide together. 

When it comes to food choices I have deferent approaches too. If you don't eat some foods I ll not push you even if it is the most nutritious food on earth (like egg yolk). We' ll find the ways around. Any dietary changes should not induce more stress. 


Supplements is a big thing in the nutrition world and they do have a place in my practice. But I always try to get the most of nutrients from the food first. Only when it is not possible or there are specific conditions, there come the supplements. During last 2 years I've personally tried many different supplements and biohacking tools to feel how they work before recommending to others.

If you'd like to to talk to me first before booking a consultation I am open for a 15-min free video chat. You can ask me anything. Just send me a message in Whatsapp and we ll set up the call.